Latin Mug

Very recently, the Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 was released. Of course, many people were very interested in this new and modern version and had lots of questions about what, exactly, it was and how it worked. The good news was that Latin Mug offered interested groups the opportunity to take part in and learn from a Virtual VC presentation. The presentation could be done at any kind of group meeting and could best be described as a “Demo in a Box.”

Those who opted to have this meeting received a wonderful kit which included two exclusive (meaning not for resale) copies of Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 with Windows XP professions. One of these copies was meant to be used for discussion and evaluation by the group and for the demo itself, while the other was to be given away as a raffle prize to one lucky winner. The kit also included a free thirty day trial of Microsoft Visio, a Virtual PC 7 demo script and all related files, and handouts for the group to take home and remember what they had learned.

Individuals or companies interested in receiving this great kit visited and contacted the site owner with a mailing address and information about the meeting where the demo was showcased. Interested parties were sure to include the date, time, city, and if applicable, the group URL for where the meeting was held. In turn, the meeting was listed on Mactopia. After the meeting, individuals were encouraged to provide feedback and a general report of how the meeting went. All people were also encouraged to update their MUG information in the Mindshare Database regularly to stay abreast of the latest changes, developments, and events at Latin Mug.